How to check for melting in AIMD calculation

Hello Everyone,
I would like to know how to check for melting in AIMD calculation.
I find the method pymatgen.analysis.diffusion_analyzer.get_framework_rms_plot() in Pymatgen .But I don’t know how to check for melting. What does the rms mean? How to analyze the figure created from the method mentioned above?
Here is what the doc say:

get_framework_rms_plot ( plt=None , granularity=200 , matching_s=None )
Get the plot of rms framework displacement vs time. Useful for checking for melting, especially if framework atoms can move via paddle-wheel or similar mechanism (which would show up in max framework displacement but doesn’t constitute melting).

A series of AIMD calculations at different temperatures have been done. Now I would like to exclude the Data point which is melting in the AIMD simulation.

I am very grateful for any help. Thanks so much!

You simply need to check whether the framework MSD is maintaining at a fairly low level on average, or whether it is increasing. Basically, if the framework is showing MSD that looks like diffusion, i,.e., an increasing trend, then the framework is melting. Of course, a stricter approach is to check that the specific bonds between framework atoms are within certain limits that you expect.

Thank you so much for your reply!