How to get vasp INCAR


when I need vasp incar files, I used this code.

docs = mpr.query(
criteria={“pretty_formula”: “LiZnN”, “spacegroup.number”: 216},
properties=[“cif”, “input.incar”, “input.kpoints”])

poscar = Structure.from_str(docs[0][“cif”], fmt=“cif”).to(fmt=“poscar”)
incar = docs[0][“input.incar”]
kpoints = docs[0][“input.kpoints”]

but in vasp calculation, there is so many INCAR files (for relaxation , for band calculation, for dos calculation… an so on)

In case of [input.incar] upside code, which process is correct ?

also, if the INCAR file is not for band calculation, how to I get band calculation INCAR?

thank you.